Group Tasting Experience

Sample Charcuterie board with cheese, wine, Saratoga Crackers, Garlic Pickles, and wine.
Sample Charcuterie board with cheese, wine, Saratoga Crackers, Garlic Pickles, and wine!

Treat Your Group

to an extra special tasting in our private Library Room.  Five pre-selected Billsboro wines are served with individual charcuterie boards featuring local meats, cheeses and other products, served on Brooklyn Slate cheese boards.  A tasting specialist will lead  your group through your private tasting and answer any questions you might have.  Add a local chocolate for an additional $2.

  • Reservations are required for groups of 8 or more people
  • Billsboro can accommodate up to 15 people for a group tasting
  • No Limos or Buses. Stretch limousines and buses frequently do not have the radius necessary to turn around in our parking lot.
  • The cost is $18.00 per person. We are happy to customize our food and wine selections to meet your groups’ individual tastes and dietary restrictions when we are able.
  • Billsboro will return $5 of the tasting fee with a purchase of 3 or more bottles per person.
  • Payment is expected at the time of reservation. Refunds will not be issued without 24 hour notice.
  • No group reservations after 2pm.


Choose 2 Mains: Cheese, Meat, or Seafood.  Choose 1 Garnish.  Choose 1 Cracker or Chip


Cheeses & Meats

Muranda Cheese, owned and operated by the Murray Family in Waterloo, NY uses only the finest milk from their Registered Holstein cows to produce exquisite cheeses

Red Buddy:  Raw milk,  aged at least 120 days with a one of a kind taste: starts as an aged  Swiss and finishes as cheddar

Bel Cielo:   Italian style Assiago & Provolone blend with a nice sharpness

Muranda Blue:  Cows’ milk blue, aged  about 2 months: a perfect partner to our reds or drizzled with honey and  glass of our Après dessert wine.

Lively Run Creamery, one of the longest running goat dairies in the US: healthy, sustainable & delicious cheese inspired by the cheeses of France & Germany

Lake Effect Cheddar:  Local raw milk cheddar, aged 6 months, with a nice blend of traditional sharpness & pleasing nuttiness.

Finger Lakes Gold:  Pasteurized goats’ milk  hard cheese aged 3 months with a mellow creaminess: a perfect compliment to any cheeseboard. 

Jake’s Gouda Cheese focuses on well made cheese in the Dutch tradition, sourced from cows on their Deansboro Dairy farm.

Jake’s Aged Gouda:  A Gouda love’s favorite:  distinctly flavorful with a sharp texture and smooth finish.  Aged at least 6 months.

Jake’s Smoked Gouda: Aged for a minimum of 60 days this cheese exhibits a smoked oak quality.

Artisan Meats: High quality charcuterie free of fillers, additives and MSG

 Lanjäger Sausage:  This German style hunter sausage is seasoned with spices and wine. (contains beef & pork)

Tinned Spanish Seafood

Ramón Peña Tinned Seafood:   While not a local product, this Spanish company is known for selecting only the freshest seafood, prepared within hours of harvesting. 

  • Sardines in Sauce
  • Mussels in Sauce
  • Sardines in Olive Oil


Spicy Dilly Beans: locally grown green beans pickled in dill with red peppers

Garlic Pickles:  Local cukes pickles with a hint of red pepper and plenty of garlic

Crackers and Chips

Saratoga Crackers:  Fresh delicious, handmade crackers in Saratoga Springs NY.

  • Sea Salt and Rosemary
  • Everything
  • Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper

Monk’s Cheese Crisps: (GF)  An addictive chip made solely of cheese.

  • Asiago
  • Parmesan Garlic

Back to Nature Gluten Free Rice Thins:  A hearty mix of sesame, black  sesame, poppy and flax seeds give these brown rice cracker an earthy texture.

Issa’s Baked Pita Chips: Baked in an old-fashione 7 burner flame oven, these chips have a unique texture, taste and crunch: in white or whole wheat

New York Panetini: Zesty, crunchy and flavorful, these New York Style crostini are a traditional compliment to your charcuterie

Off the Cob Chips & Martin’s Salsa:  These tortilla chips are made from Ithaca sweet corn and salted to perfection.  Salsa in medium or hot