Il Fienile Wine Club Membership

Il Fienile Wine Club

We’ve named our new wine club Fienile, Italian for barn. It’s what comes to mind when most people think of Billsboro, relaxing on the patio while enjoying a glass of wine with friends and family. And that’s what our new Fienile Club is all about, welcoming you into OUR family.
Welcome to the Family!


Like many immigrants to this country, Rezeiere and Columba Carolina Aliperti and their three children brought some of their Italian traditions with them when they landed in New York City in 1954. Winemaking was one such tradition.
Every August, Rezeiere and his family would make a visit to Terminal Market in Brooklyn and purchase enough lugs of Alicante grapes to make a barrel of wine for the upcoming year. This wine would serve as the house wine for celebrations both large and small, always with family & friends.
Little would Rezeiere imagine, that almost a half a century later, his grandson, Vincent, would continue the tradition commercially.
The very same wine press in which young Vinny and his grandfather made his first wines, now stands proudly in our tasting room. We invite you to share in that history when you join Billsboro’s Fienile Wine Club.

To join Il Fienile, click the options below or give us a call in the tasting room at 315.789.9538!

  • Sapore



    • 4 bottles of winemaker selected wines, 3x/year (Mar, June, Nov)
    • Complimentary tastings for two, 1x/month
    • Exclusive Fienile Club events
    • 15% off member pricing on all wines
  • Rotondo



    • 8 bottles, 3x/year (Mar, June, Nov)
    • Complimentary tastings for two, 2x/month
    • Exclusive Fienile Club events
    • 20% off member pricing on all wines
  • Corposo



    • 12 bottles, 3x/year
    • Ability to custom select wines
    • Unlimited complimentary tastings
    • Quarterly wine and charcuterie tastings for up to 6
    • Exclusive Fienile Club wine events
    • Flat rate shipping ($10 NY, $15 PA)
    • 25% off member pricing on all wines