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A Note From The Artist

Painting has become an important part of my life in the past number of years. I had painted in high school but hadn’t picked up a brush very often for 32 years. In 2005, my adult children gave me what I needed to start again. It was slow going but it felt good to be painting again.

In 2009, I started painting under the watchful eye of Pat Rini Rohrer at her studio/gallery in Canandaigua. I have met many artists who have encouraged me and taken classes and workshops from other great artists.


Then in 2011, I discovered Plein Air, the art of painting outside, painting what you see, but not painting everything you see. Its challenging for this studio artist to simplify the paintings done “Plein Air”. There is just so much to see and paint!

This show, “Heading Out on My Own” is a part of what my life is now. My wonderful husband of 41 years passed away last year. My family, artists friends, church friends, and numbers of other friends near and far have helped me on this new journey of heading out on my own.

I hope you enjoy the show.