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Through Two More Inches of Seneca Lake

Cherry Rahn is a sculptor and painter living in Geneva, NY.  Some of her public sculpture can be seen in Ithaca and Seneca Falls.  After some 20 years as a sculptor, she now paints.  Subject matter has included landscapes, cafe and restaurant scenes, ‘tablescapes’ and under water naturescapes.  In 2018, Billsboro Winery hosted her show ‘Through Two Inches of Seneca Lake’.  The present show continues this theme.  She says: 

“What I like most about this project is the complexity and ambiguity of the natural model. I take a photo into the water at the edge of the lake, zoom far into it and get truly lost.  From there, I can interpret and edit the visual elements yet retain the organic origins of the images. As they say, “You can’t make this stuff up,” and “Truth is stranger than fiction.

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Cherry also exhibits at the Yates County Arts Center in Penn Yan.

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