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Owner and Winemaker
Vincent Aliperti

Owner and General Manager
Kimberly Aliperti

Tasting Room Manager/Office Manager
Deanna Fello  

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We believe that a community is made stronger when those who live here work together and take responsibility for improvement.  As a business we search to further strengthen and develop our community through the following pillars of giving.


As a former educator and mother of three, Kim has always held the needs of children close to her heart.  Organizations that provide a support network for children and their parents have a direct positive effect on our community.  We actively support organizations that value children as an integral part of the dialogue on community.


Billsboro has been a supporter of the Arts from its inception.   We are proud hosts of local music and visual arts events and maintain a rotating art gallery in our tasting room.  Vinny serves on the board of the Smith Center for the Performing Arts, located in downtown Geneva.  The arts have a long history of bringing people together across boundaries.  Artists and arts organizations are an important resource along the path to building stronger connections and providing opportunity for a shared sense of community. The Arts lay the groundwork for exploration about how to maintain vital cultural and community traditions while at the same time encouraging neighborhood investment.

Environmental Sustainability

  Here at Billsboro we try our best to minimize our impact on the environment: from buying sustainably farmed grapes, sourcing our electricity from a local solar farm, to using compostable products at our events, we are conscious of our choices.  With the understanding that as business and communities grow, the environment can suffer, we do our best to support organizations that are mindful of their environmental impact and those who actively work to mitigate these issues.

While we may, at times, donate to a cause that does not fall within the three major pillars of our giving policy, priority in budgeting is given to these specific areas.  Due to the sheer volume of requests, Billsboro does not donate to individual fundraising asks. 

All requests for donations should be made through email by submitting a Donation Request form as specifically as possible.

Thank you.

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